Batukaras Beach is popular among surfers, nationally and internationally. In addition to a relatively flat beach, Batukaras also has a small bay, so that surfers do not have to paddle too far to the starting point for wave. The main beach at Batukaras region was named Legokpari Beach. This beach is a favorite for beginner surfers, has waves that are not too high making it easier for every tourist who wants to try and learn to surf. Batukaras offers fun, user-friendly waves but please keep in mind it does not have the consistency of other Indo surf spots.

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The Point at Batukaras is perhaps one of the best places to learn to surf in the world! Here’s why:

  • Sand bottom bay with tropical warm water means user-friendly conditions.
  • Slow peeling waves means plenty of time to work on the basics and improve your style.
  • Long waves with different sections. Move ‘up the point’ as your surfing improves – rolling walls in the middle of the bay, faster & hollower at the take-off.

Surfboard rental available from Batukaras Surf Club for around US$10/day (short/longboards). No need to pre-book a surfboard, just arrange it directly with the local boys when you get here. Please note the boards that are available are rental boards so quality can vary! If you are after a specific surfboard type it’s best to bring your own board. Batukaras has great value surf lessons with the legendary locals!

No need to book your lesson now – just book and pay for your stay at Lagoona Beach Bungalows and we’ll introduce you to the local surf instructors when you’re here. It’s a casual approach to the whole idea, but hey, you will be learning to surf in an Indo village with local surfers – it doesn’t get any more real.