Batukaras Beach

Surfing in Batukaras is all about fun waves in a user-friendly tropical paradise. There’s plenty of smiles in the water, but please keep in mind this area does not have the consistency of other Indo surf spots. If you’re looking for G-land style barrels or Mentawai-like perfection Batukaras probably won’t suit what you’re after.


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One of the best beaches in Pangandaran District is called Batu Karas. Located in Pantai Batukaras Street, Batukaras Village, the beach offers a splendid beauty and calm ambiance to visitors. Some tourists even call it the best destination to go surfing, as compared to other beaches. Apart from that, people often come to the location for relaxation and get away from their busy lives. That means the beach is known for its peaceful nature and soothing atmosphere, as well.

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Batukaras Beach is popular among surfers, nationally and internationally. In addition to a relatively flat beach, Batukaras also has a small bay, so that surfers do not have to paddle too far to the starting point for wave. The main beach at Batukaras region was named Legokpari Beach. This beach is a favorite for beginner surfers, has waves that are not too high making it easier for every tourist who wants to try and learn to surf. Batukaras offers fun, user-friendly waves but please keep in mind it does not have the consistency of other Indo surf spots.

Wonderful Place

One unique charm of the beach is related to the black sand. Unlike other beaches in Pangandaran which have either white or yellow beach sand, Batukaras has such dark appearance. However, it has a similar feature to its siblings which is the big coral reef with dense bushes on it. The next interesting feature is definitely the waves which are strong and challenging. That means the beach would be the best option for those who want to go surfing. No wonder, many local surfers are often seen in the location! Even some foreigners are seen as well.