Bojong Village, Parigi District, Pangandaran Regency - West Java

IDR 85.000/person
1 Day Age 7+ Availability 50+ Jan - Dec


As a newly popular tourist attraction among travelers, Citumang is known for its clear river as a field for Body Rafting which can be used as an alternative for a holiday in Pangandaran full of adventure, a river with a calm stream flowing through the rocks on either side of the river, and with the uniqueness of the waterfall from the mouth of the cave as high as approximately 10 meters, as well as spots or places to jump or jump at several points in the waterfall and hanging from the ropes that have been provided and plunging in the fresh water, it makes a sensation for tourists. you will enjoy a very tempting, and very impressive, dish of typical rural liwet rice.

This tour package takes you on a tour around the cool tourist destination of Citumang (Green Valley).

Explore Pangandaran


Local Guide

Tourism activities will be accompanied by a local guide who will provide instructions and guidance to tourists when traveling.


We will send the results in the form of image files, both photos and videos, which are well documented.

Life Insurance

Providing compensation in the form of material assistance or services caused by: Accidents during travel or tourism activities

Safety Facilities

We always provide safety facilities to ensure tourists are safe and comfortable while traveling with us

Body Rafting

Body rafting activity lasts 2-3 hours by wading in the river from upstream to downstream

Boilet Rice (Lunch)

Lunch with typical food, for tourists who order tour packages with lunch.

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Many price options for the Citumang Body Rafting Package, please adjust it to your needs and contact us immediately to get the best offer.

IDR 70.000 / person

Body Rafting & Instructor

IDR 85.000 / person

Body Rafting, Instructor & Boilet Rice

IDR120.000 / person

Body Rafting, Instructor, Boilet Rice & Documentation


Rp. 399.00/


Offer Up To 10%

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