Lagoona Beach Bungalows

Lagoona Beach Bungalows

Pangandaran Tourist Destination

Need an alternative beach destination that offers so many choices of exciting activities? Pangandaran is the right place for you. Located 29 km to the south from the town of Ciamis, Pangandaran is a tourist destination for travelers from within and outside the country who want to enjoy recreation in the middle of the sea air of the South Beach. Here, there are various choices of activities that can be done, from just sunbathing on the beach, learning to surf, adrenaline-pumping water sports, walking around the Pananjung nature reserve, to hunting for fresh seafood at fish auctions.

Pangandaran itself can be divided into two zones, namely the West Coast and the East Coast. On the West Coast we can find several tourist objects, including caves and Japanese heritage bunkers and white sand beaches. The characteristics of the West Coast tend to be more sloping. Meanwhile, the East Coast offers Rengganis beach, diving and snorkeling tours at Batu Layar, various water sports, catching marine animals in the marine park and hunting for seafood at fish auctions or in stalls along the beach.

In addition to tourist objects around the East Coast and West Coast, by car we can visit several other tourist objects that are relatively close to Pangandaran. If the motor continues westward, we can find Batu Hiu Beach, Batu Karas Beach which is famous as a surfing destination for foreign tourists, exotic Karang Tirta Beach, Citumang and the amazing Green Canyon. To the northeast, we can find the attractions of Karang Nini and Karapyak Beach.

Even though it is located at the far southeastern tip of West Java, this tourist attraction also has quite complete facilities as a world-class tourist destination. Lodging with varied facilities and prices allows you to choose the best accommodation according to your needs and budget.

Apart from that, there are also many transportation options to get to Pangandaran, ranging from private vehicles, buses, trains to small type airplanes from Jakarta and Bandung.


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