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Green Canyon Natural Beauty Of Pangandaran

Green Canyon Pangandaran is a Pangandaran tourist spot that is already very popular in the people of West Java. It has even become a national tourist destination, as well as a foreign tourist destination. The term Green Canyon refers to a natural condition dominated by rock cliffs, surrounding natural charm, and river flows that have distinctive colors. Green Canyon Pangandaran began precisely in 1993 when a tourist from France named Bill John visited. He called the tourist spot the Green Canyon diction. This refers to a place in Colorado, United States, called Green Canyon. Before being visited by tourists, Green Canyon Pangandaran was a place that was considered scary by the surrounding community. Maybe because of circulating myths, or other mystery stories.

Pangandaran Green Canyon Attraction :

1. Natural Panorama

The first attraction of Green Canyon Pangandaran is the beautiful surrounding natural panorama. The towering rock cliffs, coupled with the dense trees around the cliffs, give a feeling of shade. In addition, there are also caves, as well as stalactites, and stalagmites. Visitors can enter the cave area when the water situation is receding. The natural panorama around Green Canyon Pangandaran that is the most attractive is a river that has a distinctive color.

The river is dark green at some points, and some are turquoise. And there is an extraordinary natural phenomenon in Green Canyon Pangandaran, visitors often call it the Eternal Rain.

2. Tourism Activities

The next attraction of Green Canyon Pangandaran is the variety of tourist activities that visitors can enjoy. Like along the river by boat and River tubing. Tourism activities at Green Canyon Pangandaran will be guided by a team that has been prepared by the manager, to maintain the safety and comfort of the visitors.

Location of Green Canyon Pangandaran :

Green Canyon Pangandaran is located in one direction with Batu Hiu Beach Pangandaran, and Madasari Beach Pangandaran, West Java Province. The address of Green Canyon Pangandaran is in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province.

The road access to Green Canyon Pangandaran is very good up to the parking area. The distance of Green Canyon Pangandaran from the center of Pangandaran Regency is about 20 kilometers, with an average travel time of about 30 minutes.

Green Canyon Pangandaran Entrance Ticket Prices

Green Canyon Pangandaran entrance tickets are divided based on the type of tour package chosen by the visitors, namely:

  • Tour packages without swimming, with a duration of 45 minutes IDR 200,000 per boat.
  • Swimming package (Batu Umbrella) IDR 300,000 per boat.
  • Swimming Package (Girl’s Bath) IDR 400,000 per boat.
  • Green Canyon Pangandaran is open every day, and is open from 07.00 – 16.00.

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