Lagoona Beach Bungalows

Lagoona Beach Bungalows

Batukaras Beach is one of the many popular beaches in Pangandaran Regency, Indonesia. This beach is almost always crowded with visitors during weekend. It has various facilities that tourists can enjoy and is known as one of the best surfing spots for beginners. It is also close to other tourist destinations like Green Canyon, Citumang, and Batu Hiu Beach.

Batukaras Beach is located in Batu Karas Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran, West Java. The beach can be accessed with various land vehicles, even a bus. If you go there from Green Canyon, then it will take around 30 minutes’ drive as the distance is only 8 kilometers. The entrance fee to Batukaras Beach depends on the vehicles you use. If you come without vehicle, then it is IDR 6000 per person. If you come with motorcycle, then it is IDR 14,000. If you come with car, then it is IDR 65,000. If you come with bus, then it is IDR 310,000.

Batukaras Beach is open for public every day of the week 24/7. It has many facilities, like clothing stores, restaurant or cafe, game attractions, and even rental for floaties or surfing equipment. There are also lodgings or hotels in the area with various prices.

Batukaras Beach, like many places in Indonesia, also has myths of its own. The beach is connected to the legend of King Katomas, who went on a long journey until he arrived at a beach that had a lot of corals, which today is known as Batukaras Beach.

The view at Batukaras Beach is truly wonderful. The wave is not strong and the sandy area is large so it can accommodate many people. At the right side, you will be able to see corals that are surrounded by trees. There are also a lot of attractions and activities you can enjoy at this beach, like surfing or riding a banana boat.


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