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Visit Curug Jebulan In Pangandaran

Curug Jebulan is one of the nature tourist destinations in Pangandaran Regency of Indonesia. It is a waterfall with beautiful scenery where you can swim or take pictures at the many great photo spots in the area. Curug Jebulan is located in Cigugur Village, Cigugur District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. It is around 34 km from Pangandaran Beach and it takes around 1 hour’s drive to get there.

You have to go through a small path to get to the main location so it is recommended for you to go there with motorcycle. If you go there by car, you will have to walk the rest of the way to the waterfall or take a bike taxi. To the left of the path is a cliff with ravine below. The path is not narrow, at least wide enough for a motorcycle, but you still need to be careful. You will also pass a plantation owned by the citizens along the way.

There is no entrance fee to Curug Jebulan and because it is not officially administrated, there is no fixed operational hour for this place. However, it is best for visitors to come in the morning and be back from the main location by 3 or 4 p.m. local time. The only food shop you can find is at the location before you enter the path to the main location, so you better buy your foods there or bring your own foods.

The waterfall is not very high, only around 1 meter, but it is still beautiful nonetheless. You can find it after you see the main pool. You will also find a cave that connects to the pool area. The pool itself is the best place to swim and probably the best photo spot in this area. There are huge rocks around it and some tree roots as well. Because Curug Jebulan is barely touched by humans, everything is still very natural.


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