Citumang Rafting Tour is a river or body rafting and river tubing tour package with a choice of rafting visits to Citumang. With the uniqueness and warmth of each of the rafting attractions, you will be taken on an adventure and enjoying the food and the fun of playing water in a natural place.

As a new tourist attraction popular among travelers, Citumang known as its clear river as a field for Body Rafting can be made an alternative for vacationing in Pangandaran with adventure, rivers with calm river flowing through the rocks on the right and left of the river, and with a uniqueness plunge from the mouth of the cave as high as approximately 10 meters, as well as spots or places to jump or jump at several points in the waterfall and hang on the rope that has been provided and plunge in the fresh water, making the sensation special for tourists. You will enjoy a very tempting, and very impressive, typical rural liwet rice.

This Tour Package brings you touring the cool surroundings of Citumang (Green Valey) tourist destinations.

Citumang Body Rafting is a Package that is suitable for all ages, so those of you who invite children to feel the excitement of body rafting together. In addition to currents that are not dangerous, the scenery and atmosphere is also very beautiful and cool. Very appropriate for a refreshing place for your family.

Citumang Pangandaran is a nature tourism better known as the Green Valley to be more global. what is very interesting from this tour Pangangaran Citumang is its clear river water and splitting the teak forest so that it can make friends like being one with the beautiful nature of Citumang while enjoying full body rafting activities or down the citumang river as much as possible and accompanied by a friendly and experienced tour guide .

Citumang Body Rafting, where visitors will swim using safety equipment to navigate the river that is identical to the clear and shallow river from upstream to downstream. The start of the activity starts from the Citumang Secretariat accompanied by a local guide. Visitors will walk upstream of the river for approximately 10 minutes, when they get to the site, visitors can play in the fish therapy pool before starting the Body Rafting adventure, after being satisfied with fish, visitors will be invited to swim into the cave with approximately 50 meters long and also enjoy the beauty of the three waterfalls along the groove of the Citumang River.

Not only with its natural panorama, but visitors who like the adrenaline challenge will be invited to several jumping spots from a height that varies from 2 meters to 10 meters and also try to challenge the rope game in front of the waterfall. Road assets to get to the location can only be reached using small vehicles such as Avanza / mini bus cars, for large vehicles such as large buses can not enter the tourist sites because the road is still relatively small and narrow.

But for visitors who come to use large buses and are interested in visiting the attractions of Citumang don’t worry because we have provided special vehicle services (pick up / truck) to pick up visitors from the rest area of ​​Citumang or hotels around Pangandaran to the Citumang Pangandaran Tourism Site.

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