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Instagrammable Curug Luhur In Pangandaran

Curug Luhur is a magnificent waterfall located in Pangandaran, Indonesia. It is a beautiful place, although the access can be quite hard. There are other places named Curug Luhur, such as the Curug Luhur in Bogor. Curug Luhur of Pangandaran is actually quite new as a tourist destination. That is why there are minimum facilities there and almost everything is completely natural. The place is not too crowded because of how new it is.

Curug Luhur is located in Cimanggu Village, Langkaplancar District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. You can find it along Cicepok River. Curug Luhur can be accessed with both two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles, until the unofficial parking area. The distance from Pangandaran Beach is around 40 km. If you go to the waterfall from the beach, then it will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

When you arrive at the parking area, you can already see the waterfall from afar. From there, you have to trek to the main location of Curug Luhur. It is best if you go there with someone who has gone to the waterfall before, because there are not many direction signs along the path, so it can be confusing.

On the way to Curug Luhur, you have to go downhill to a plantation area and after that, the path is pretty flat as you walk beside a canal. If you are confused, just make sure to go down toward the river because the waterfall is not far from there. Do not forget to bring your own foods and drinks because there is no food shop nearby. Because Curug Luhur has not been managed formally by the local government, the facilities are not much and there is no entrance fee or fixed operational hour. However, many people still come here to enjoy the scenery and the almost-untouched nature.

Curug Luhur is 70 meters tall and it is one of the terraced waterfalls in Indonesia. The water comes from Cicepok River and the depth depends on the season. There are many rocks around the river where you can sit and enjoy the view.


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