Santirah River Tubing Inaugurated on October 25, 2012 Pangandaran has become a new autonomous region as a result of the division of Ciamis Regency, with the expansion, the new Regency of Pangandaran is preparing itself as a district that promotes tourism, since then many new tourist attractions have been opened including Madasari Beach, Margacinta Body Rafting, Lanang Cave, Goa Sutra Reregan, Wonder Hill Jojogan, Green Santirah and others.

Santirah or better known as Green Santirah is a new tourist attraction in Pangandaran, but even though it is new it does not mean that santirah are empty of visitors. Since it was popularized in March 2014 the Santirah River has been visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Santirah River which is located in Selasari Tourism Village, Parigi District, Pangandaran Regency is a Tourism Object opened by Pemuda Karang Taruna and residents around Selasari Tourism Village. If tourists are less brave with the swift flow of the Green Canyon river, the Santirah Body Rafting Package can be the solution. In addition to being safer in terms of river flow, the scenery presented is not less beautiful. Especially with the addition of green rice fields that add to the beauty of this tourist spot.

When there are visitors thinking of going to Santirah which is a new tourist status, of course what they are worried about is the facilities. Visitors do not have to worry about Santirah having many facilities including: body rafting package with nasi liwet lunch, mineral water provided, insurance during adventure in Santirah, river tubing, life vest, dry bag, first aid kit and professional guides. Visitors can enjoy the 2 km track body rafting that can be taken for 2-3 hours. This tour will not be boring because it traces the river into 2 natural caves and the beauty of rural nature.

Green Santirah is located west of Pangandaran, a distance from Pangandaran itself 30 Km. To be able to reach the Santirah tourist location, there are a number of accesses that can be passed if using a private vehicle or group (Mini Bus, Medium Tourism Bus) from the direction of Green Canyon can use the Cigugur line, then from Panyingkiran Cibenda turn left towards Bontos. If from Pangandaran direction After tourists enter the Bojong Citumang Village route, tourists only need to be straight from the Citumang Green Valley crossing to the direction of Delasari Village. As for when using public transportation majoring in Cijulang or Cigugur, stop at Panyingkiran Cibenda followed by ojeg.

The advantages of Green Santirah
Green Santirah which is located in the Selasari Tourism Village area is an alternative if the Green Canyon and Green Valley are flooded. Usually when the two places were flooded, there was no flooding in the Santirah River because it was a more upstream location. On the body rafting package at Green Santirah also offers a meal package that is typical Sundanese Liwet rice but there is something unique because besides rice liwet visitors can also taste other menus such as Pindang Gunung and Honje Juice which are typical foods of Green Santirah. The difference between Santirah and the others is that the river in Santirah has several waterfalls which when tourists do body rafting occasionally tourists will be splashed with the waterfall.

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