Karang Nini Beach

Karang Nini Beach

Karang Nini Beach is ecotourism is located in Karang Nini production forest management is by Unity Stakeholder Forest ( KPH ) precisely in the village of Kudat Emplak , Kalipucang District , District Pangandaran with ± 75 Ha area and coastal ecotourism Karang Nini was inaugurated by the Director of Perhutani (Mr. Hartono Widjodarmodjo , MA ) on Wednesday, 25 September 1985 .

Accessibility Karang Nini ecotourism is located belt path Pangandaran beach resort which is located towards the village as far as ± 2.5 km where infrastructure is less well to the location , directions to the location on the coast of Pangandaran ± 9 km , transportation to the site reached via public transportation , be it buses , mini buses and elves and can be reached through :

  1. Garut – Tasikmalaya – Banjar – Kudat – Kalipucang – location of the object as far as ± 170 km
  2. Bandung – Tasikmalaya – Banjar – Kudat – Kalipucang – location of the object as far as ± 210 km
  3. Cirebon – Brass – Kudat – Banjar – Kalipucang – location of the object as far as ± 170 km

Potential of this attraction is the beach that stretches wide with a rock as a view to the beach where Karang Nini ecotourism is an attraction that can attract tourists as much as possible .

Ecotourism Coral beach Nini has office facilities information about ecotourism Karang Nini beach , cottage , mosque , stalls / shops , camping ground , play ground and parking area of ± 300 meters , in addition it is also in the coastal ecotourism Karang Nini are sites shrine tomb of Shaykh Wali Pole Cikabuyutan and Anggasinga Wencana Bagaspati and the mangrove forests and teak plantations so that tourists can observe or observe plants teak and mahogany even tourists can observe the process of forest management activities planttation teak or teak forest management ranging from nursery activities , forest maintenance to production activities . Forest based ecotourism Karang Nini coast there are also a common fauna as well as langur monkeys and other wildlife while Karang Nini tourist region are among porcupine , pangolin , mouse deer and partridge .
Beside that also in Karang Nini coastal resorts are an old railroad tunnel that is not working anymore since the 3rd of February 1981 due to high operating costs . The old railway tunnel named Wilhelmina tunnel where the train tunnel is the longest tunnel in Indonesia as far as 1116 meters was built in order to support rail route Banjar – Cijulang far as ± 82 km , the location of the old tunnel is located on the border between the village and the village Bagolo Emplak , Kudat District . Old railway tunnel was built in 1914 by railroad companies Staats Spoorwegen used on January 1, 1921.

Legend of Karang Nini coast , supposedly according to the story that in the village called Tanjung Karang Emplak or pair lived battery and the magic nini called ambu stodgy and arga plara , the battery is a hobby of fish in the sea , as is usually the one day of the aki nini go fishing while waiting in the house , it was already evening the battery has not been back home too so the nini heart became agitated and worried and something happens to the person of the battery , then the nini call its tracing along the beach while the waves of the battery between the coast but unfortunate to change the battery the night remains found and the locals helped search for the battery until the population was desperate not find the battery so that the ditinggallah nini on the waterfront .

With the magic nini , then appealed to the South Sea Queen to be reunited with the state of the battery however the battery , not long after menjelmalah before the nini a rock floating in a state as the embodiment of the bodies of the battery which is now named the rock ” Bale Kambang ” that supposedly if standing on the rock will feel as if – as if swaying .
Driven by the desire to prove the love nini to the battery as well as a form of loyalty , then the nini meditated back nyi loro Kidul pleaded for him to stay close to the battery , then menjelmalah rocks overlooking the sea towards Bale Kambang .
The love story here and the battery is still sturdy enshrined in 2 ( two ) rocks , namely Batu Karang Nini and Bale Kambang .
Attractions: Karang Nini has a lack of good infrastructure constraints to the location and not well ordered in accordance with the standards of tourism that need to be addressed and assessed as well as the need for a harmonious synergy of policies and establish constructive synchronized between the Provincial Government of West Java Pangandaran district government in order to build Karang Nini attraction as part of the leading tourist Pangandaran area that is expected to make a world-class tourist area .

One effort toward a world-class tourism , the role of the development of Human Resources ( HR ) needs to be prepared in addition to the development of tourism infrastructure to the location of the object is also understanding for the surrounding community tourism awareness needs to be increased the importance of the presence of nearby attractions as well as understanding of the tourist area of ​​Pangandaran Sapta Pesona , namely safe , comfortable , clean , cool , beautiful , orderly and pleasant memories for visitors or tourists need to be considered either in the form of souvenirs and attractions around the neighborhood atmosphere , it is next tourist area around Pangandaran can be the belle featured as part of West Java tourism growth economic communities around the tourist area of ​​Pangandaran .

Pangandaran tourist area can be used as an excellent tour packages to attract tourists , ranging from Pangandaran beach tour packages , Green Canyon , Batu Hiu , Karang Nini Beach and other attractions in the tourist area around Pangandaran , and when laid out well from all sectors , it will be make the tourist area is not inferior to the tourist area in Bali .

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